Author Topic: What reference truck to use when ordering Dodge parts?  (Read 2528 times)

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What reference truck to use when ordering Dodge parts?
« on: November 16, 2008, 01:05 PM »

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what other  auto or truck fuel tank found in junk yard is simular or close to use under winnebago.  asking for engine or select chassie components at the usual auto part store   never say winnebago     been using dodge truck 1 ton same year.  chassie a bit harder . did dodge have a larger truck that is close to winnebago that the everyday auto store would would have on computer and parts they would be able to get..what size and type do you feed to the teenager behind the counter

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Re: What reference truck to use when ordering Dodge parts?
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What you can ask for depends on what it is your looking for.  Most chassis components require using a motorhome listing (M300, M400, etc.).  Listed under 1 ton and larger heavy truck stuff.  Generic stuff (plugs, points, plug wires, etc.) you can use D100-D300 pickup truck.  As you have most likely discovered, the motorhome and heavy truck items are not in the computers.  It's back to the books for those listing.  Some here have repaired/resealed gas tanks using POR-15.
 For reference, Dodge built the main fuel tank.  Winnebago built/added the aux tank.  You will have to do a web search for custom tank building or go the junk yard route.  Most 70's era Class A RV's (Winny, Pace Arrow, Champion, etc.) were based on the Dodge chassis so used main tanks might be easier to locate.  AUX tanks were built by RV manufacture and were different between manufacturer.


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