Author Topic: Snuggies Windshield wiper arm tensioners  (Read 4479 times)

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Snuggies Windshield wiper arm tensioners
« on: September 23, 2009, 10:29 AM »
Tired of your windshield wipers flappin' in the breeze or blank areas in the wiper pattern when the blade isn't touching the glass? Our lovely flat windshields...

Found these! and they are working great (not perfect) but they sure help alot.

Snuggies made for Heavy duty Trucks by Balkamp
Available at

part number is #7353922 for black 21 for Chrome they are only $4.99 for a set but shipping will add $8 to that... if you can't find them in a napa store that is.

They are a bit hard to figure out how to put on... but we love them and I could not find replacement springs for ours.... there are alot of reviews of the product by Jeep owners if you google them.


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